Bourbon Buddy

Take bourbon hunting to the next level.

Finding bourbon has never been easier!

Bourbon Buddy makes finding bourbon so easy, you'll never know what you did without it!

Real-Time Alerts

There are many whiskey tracking apps out there, but NONE of them offer real-time alerts to let you know that someone two towns over just discovered a stash of Blanton's!

Social Tracking

The power of Bourbon Buddy lies with YOU! As you're spending your hard-earned Saturday looking for your favorite juice, your efforts are seen (and appreciated) by those near you since your updates are visible to everyone!

Powerful Filtering

What good is it to track hundreds of bourbons if you can't find them when you need them!? Bourbon Buddy gives you a wide array of filter and notification options, as well as historical changes, so you can know where to find that elusive whiskey (and if you are over-spending)!

Instant Updates

As bourbons are sighted throughout the country, you have instant visibility to the location, price, quantity proximity, etc., right at your fingertips.

Extensive Knowledge

Prices, averages, sizes, locations, histories; all are available at your fingertips with instant access and notification. Never has bourbon hunting been easier or more intuitive.

Highly Customizable

Search distance, alert distance, flavor text components, favorites, hunting, purchased, high/low prices. All can be changed to get you that bourbon you've been searching for!

Save time, save money, enjoy bourbon

With thousands of stores, thousands of brands, finicky owners, swindling secondaries, and stay-at-home orders, why not make it easier on you and your wallet by using a tool built out of necessity to make bourbon hunting work for us?

Bourbon Buddy

Your new best friend.
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